About me

I’m an italian photojournalist and visual storytelling, I focus my work on documentary photography and Latin american social issues. I’m based in Bogotà, Colombia. As part of my background, many years globetrotting through the Mediterranean countries and the Balkans, modern literature studies at the University of Bologna and some time of rural life in the Basque country.

In 2012 I published the travel story “Esperienze di carovana in viaggio” Edda Edizioni, Roma. About my hitch-hiking roadtrip around Tunisia. In 2014, my journalistic investigation on the use of former Jugoslavian atomic shelters was published by Serbian edition of National Geographic.

Since 2015 I have been focusing my visual work on Latin America, travelling, studying and documenting its political and social changes. My journey “South America coast to coast”, through seven South American countries was published by the Italian web newspaper Qcode Mag.

My reportages were published by: France24, RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana, Il Reportage, Serbian edition of National Geographic, Barre magazine, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, 1538 Méditerrannée, among others.

Since 2019 I live and work in Bogotà, Colombia.
Feel free to get in touch:

IG @s.bregolin

From 2018 until now – freelance video correspondent in Colombia
Swiss Television RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana

2019 February/March – freelance journalist
French television France24

From 2016 to 2018 – freelance correspondent in Spain
French web site 1538 Mediterranee

From 2010 to 2016 – freelance journalist
Italy, Egypt, Serbia and Balkans area

Punctuals works:

2020 – executive producer
“Mi casa es tu casa” about Venezuelan migration
direction: Diego Scano/ production: Jole Film

2019 –fixer
“Dancing Bogotà” about post civil war society
Canadian photographer Marc Bergeron

2019 – production assistant
“The life of Pablo Escobar’s son”
French production

2019 – teacher
8h workshop, Basics of social issues reporting
ONG Swefor

2019 – photojournalist
The persecution of social leaders in Colombia
Italian magazine Il Reportage

2019 – fixer
crisis in the agricultural sector in Spain
France2, 20h television news

2019 – photojournalist
Electoral crisis in Catalonia
German magazine Topos

2018 – video reporter
the touristification of Barcelona
Italian web site Internazionale

2018 – photojournalist
Italian magazine Il Reportage

2017 – photobook rewiew
visa por l’image Perpignan

2017 – photobook rewiew
Rencontres d’Arles

2017 – photojournalist
Feminist movement in Spain
Italian magazine Il Reportage

2017 – workshop
war camp and first aid formation
with Cristiano Tinazzi, italian war reporter

2016 – photojournalist
Biological movement in Italy
Italian magazine Il reportage

2016 – workshop
post production in photography
with Italian photographer Paolo Marchetti

2016 – photojournalist
Paraguay is in the hands of Monsanto
Italian magazine Il Reportage

2015 – photojournalist
North Pas de Calais miners
Italian magazine Il reportage

2014 – journalist
Atomiska Sklonista, atomic shelters in ex Yugoslavia
Serbian edition of National Geographic

2014 – journalist
the city of dead in Cairo
Italian magazine Il Reportage

2014 – book writer
travel stories in Tunisia
EDDA edizioni, Rome