• Venezuelan migration

    I started following the Venezuelan crisis in 2018, during the big concert and humanitarian event organized by Juan Guaidò in the border town of Cucuta. At that time, the Venezuelan economy was already undergoing the highest inflation rate in the world and extreme poverty was rapidly increasing, but it seemed that soon Nicholas Maduro's government would fall and the thousands of Venezuelan migrants scattered around the world could soon return home to rebuild their country. Two years later, with worsening economic, social and health situations, the country finds itself experiencing the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of Venezuelans residing in Colombia, after having lost everything again, find themselves forced to return to their country on foot. According to Migración Colombia, almost two million Venezuelans reside in the country. A migration that is no longer temporal. This community is settling in Colombia to build a new life and the Colombian authorities are gradually learning to manage an unprecedented migratory flow. The Venezuelan minority is preparing to play a greater role in the construction of the future Colombia.